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• “You people, are quick to respond, great communication, great suggestions working with my photo, excellent job editing my photo very pleased. The team is great, will be a regular customer. Thank you...job well done!” –Angelia C.

• “You guys are great! I am 100% satisfied and will definitely use you again in the future if the need arises. You saved me hours of playing with the photo myself only to end up with inferior results. Thanks for the fast service and great job! I am very impressed!” Elizabeth M.

• “Your team was great in getting my picture the way I wanted it. It took about 4 tries but they did just as I asked. Thank you- this made my mom very happy. We have not been together as a family in 10 years. Within 2 days we were all together which is why putting 2 pics together was necessary to make the whole group. My mom and dad will cherish this for many years!” - Juanita B.

• “I loved the detailed, free quotes as well as the ease in viewing proofs, speed in receiving proofs and paying with PayPal. The color work was good though I was disappointed with the quality of some of my initial gray-haired lady proofs. Some of the mask edges were too hard (fingers) and some rough retouching (1st round cheeks, 2nd round eyelid). In the end I am 95% satisfied with the final product which is pretty good considering I am a perfectionist. I will use you in the future and recommend you to friends. I look forward to seeing my Mom's reaction. :-)” – Kellye K.

• “Can't express how pleased I am with the editing job. You made it easy and simple. Your customer service team is outstanding - great editing work, fast response, good follow up. Will do business with you again.” – Patricia T.

• “I am delighted with the results of the work you did for me. I had a particular creation in my head and you were able to translate my novice instructions into a professional product. The response from your team was extraordinary. I could barely keep up with your pace. In less than 24 hours I went from a vision to framed version of my precious photos and it would have been faster has my photos been immediately available upon my first contact with you. Thank you so much.” - Craig D.

• “Your website and services are excellent. I spent hours searching for photo editing websites and either got no response or outrageous prices. I will highly recommend you to all my family and friends. My photo came out great. Thanks!” - Jessica L.

• “I was thoroughly satisfied with your editing. Quality, service, technical, etc. were all rated as excellent and I rated the cost as average. I would use your service again, when needed and I have already recommended you to my co-workers. In particular, the overnight service was outstanding. You have my permission to use my name and comments on your website; however I would prefer the photo not be used because it is a group picture (probably around 70 people) and I do not have permission from all the subjects. Also, your website is organized very well and explained any questions that I had. Thank you for the fast response.” - Mike W.

• “I'm new to the world of digital photography. As a long time dark-room user I knew there was a way to make my digital images better, I just didn't know how. You've taken my photos to a level worthy of printing, matting and framing. In other words, I now have art, not just pictures. Thanks!” - Diane I.

• “Your service is outstanding, both from a qualitative and responsiveness standpoint. The only suggestion I could make regards the appearance of your site. A bit more could be done to make it visually attractive and pleasing. I can assure you, any digital editing we require in the future would come your way. Thank you and a blessed holiday season to you and yours...” – John T.

• “I was very impressed by the excellent service I received; the professional and quick responses to each of my many requests. I found them to be fair, understanding, and very caring. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to retouch any digital photo, and have every confidence they will treat you with the same respect and professionalism that I received. I was more than impressed.” – Jennifer S.

• “I just wanted to say how fabulous the editing turned out despite its complexity. The picture looks absolutely flawless! Thank you for your quick responses and professional service. And thank you for helping me create something that is so special to both me and my boyfriend.” – Neha P.

• "Working with customer service was very easy and I always got a quick response to my requests until I was satisfied with the photo.  I would use this service again in the future. " - Cyndi B.

• "What impressed me the most was the speed with which you responded while delivering a quality result. When I had a question, it was addressed quickly and in a manner that I could understand. I also liked the fact that you had patience when we went back and forth several times. Great Job!" - Heather B.

• "I have been pleasantly surprised by the speed and quality of service. To email what were poor photos and have the finished good quality ones back in a couple of hours, surpassed my expectations. Unfortunately it would have taken days in the UK." - Ken L.

• "OMG. It is perfect, absolutely perfect. Thanks so much, I can't believe that you did it ahead of my deadline, thank you so much. I will definitely use your service again, and recommend you to everyone. . Absolutely amazing service and product that you offer. Thanks so much, you rock!" - Terri W.
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