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Providing superior digital photo editing and photo restoration services at very competitive prices . . on-line!
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Wolfe Digital Photo Editing Services specializes in performing quality digital picture editing, old photo restoration and image optimization. We take your less than perfect digital photo and turn it into a masterpiece! Stains, water marks and cracks can easily be removed to bring life back to that old family photograph. Our editing artists can handle any project from basic red eye removal to complex tasks involving the removal of unwanted people and objects.
Wolfe Digital Photo Editing Services has the latest computer software for digital photo editing and digital photo retouching. Since we do not have the overhead of the bigger, more sophisticated retail stores and web sites, we can do the same high quality work at much lower prices. Depending on your requirements and our schedule, we can fix your photo for an average of $20, overnight, and best of all, it can be done on-line!
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Wolfe Digital Photo Editing Services was founded by Tom Wolfe. Tom was an avid photographer who became interested in printing and editing his own photos over ten years ago. As the years went by, he began editing photos for friends and relatives. His business continued to grow to the extent that he could no longer do all the work himself. In 2002, he started a professional editing service on the internet.
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