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Press Release (October 21, 2002)

HOFFMAN ESTATES, IL (October 21, 2002) - Wolfe Digital Photo Editing Services has announced a custom photo editing service that allows photographers to have their "less than perfect" photos expertly repaired by a professional artist -- at an affordable and reasonable price. All customers do is send repair instructions along with uploading their scanned or digital photo file to Wolfe Digital Photo Editing Services at The customer receives an estimate for the cost of providing the requested repairs. If the customer agrees to the quote, a "Proof" version of the repaired photo is emailed back to the customer as quickly as overnight. The customer approves the quality of the repairs and payment is made either by personal check or preferably by using "PayPal", a very secure means of providing electronic payment. The final image file is then forwarded via email.

According to Tom Wolfe, owner of Wolfe Digital Photo Editing Services, "Many photographers have recently entered the world of Digital Photography and would like to enhance, correct or otherwise want to improve their photos. However, they really don't know how to do it or simply don't want to make the software investment and spend the time needed to learn. We fill the much-needed gap in consumer photography services. We have the latest software for image-editing/ photo retouching and would be willing to do it for them. It makes sense for us to provide this low cost service along with its more complex custom products."

Wolfe Digital Photo Editing Services does not apply standard pricing for all orders regardless of complexity. Some jobs are less demanding than others and therefore do not require as much time to complete. In these cases, the cost will be less. By quoting each project separately, they keep customer costs down by not charging one standard amount regardless of the complexity. Wolfe further related that "You don't pay us until you approve the "Proof" photo that will be emailed to you."

Prices range from $5 - $10 for simple repairs such as Red Eye Repair and Cropping to $20 - $30 for complex repairs including Changing Backgrounds, Removing People or Things and Colorization of black and white photos.

Wolfe Digital Photo Editing Services offer a full line of photo-editing services. These include cropping, red eye repair, add captions and text, color and hue correction, color change, background change, improve or blur focus, adjust contrast, lighten or darkening areas, fix hair - skin - clothes, add and remove person(s), add and remove object(s), photo restoration, colorize and glamorize.
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