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Providing superior digital photo editing and photo restoration services at very competitive prices . . on-line!
Our Guarantee and Polices . . .
Very simple . . . . . if we don't make you happy . . . you don't pay!
Please be assured that your name, email address, and photos are NOT shared with anyone. Your name (or alias) is only needed in order to identify you in our system. Your email address is only used to send your photos back to you. Nothing more is requested about you. "PayPal" is recommended as a very secure method of making payment through a third party so that you do not even have to give us your credit card information. All photos that have been paid for will be deleted from our hard drive after 60 days. This further helps to assure your privacy.
Through our order process you are guaranteed that we complete your work first, before you pay anything. Then you pay only when you are happy with the outcome. Once you are happy, then you pay!
Our goal is to produce consistent high-quality results according to each customer's order specifications.We are not required to redo orders that are unsatisfactory as a result of its customer's failure to include clear and complete instructions. If we fail to perform clearly communicated instructions, we will redo the image at no additional charge. If additional instructions are received after our quote and/ or proof has been submitted, we may find it necessary to increase the quoted price to cover the increased work required. Credits or refunds will not be issued once the proof has been approved and the customer has paid for our services unless we determine, at our sole discretion, that we were unable to complete the work in accordance with the customer's instructions. This policy is required because of the distinctly subjective element to digital image editing. Once, we deliver edited images to the customer, it is impossible to prevent a customer from using them. Further, credits or refunds on printed materials and gifts items offered through our affiliated fulfillment company will not be issued by Wolfe Digital Photo Editing Services, but are covered by the policies of that company.
Wolfe Digital Photo Editing Services is not liable for any consequential damages due to its failure to make any edits, delay in delivering work product, or any technical problem (including loss or destruction of files). Our liability shall be limited to the cost of image editing services only. Customers always should keep a copy of the original unedited image files! We only retain customer image files for a short time after the order is completed.

Customers are urged to never send original PC files, prints or other media to us. Submitting any PC file, print or other media to this firm for editing, printing or other handling constitutes an AGREEMENT by you that any damage or loss by our company, subsidiary, or agents, even though due to the negligence or other fault of our company, subsidiary, or agents will not entitle you to recovery for any incidental or consequential damages or lose.
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