Wolfe Digital Photo Editing Services
Providing superior digital photo editing and photo restoration services at very competitive prices . . on-line!
Pricing . . .
We don't apply standard pricing for all orders regardless of complexity. Some jobs are less demanding than others and therefore do not require as much time to complete. In these cases, the cost will be less. By quoting each project separately, we keep your costs down by not charging one standard amount regardless of the complexity of your job. You don't pay us until you approve the "Proof" photo that will be emailed to you.
Estimated price ranges are listed on the "Home" page.
Remember that you are not obligated to pay anything until you accept our "Proof" photo - so send us your photo files and ask for a free quote!
Why is there a "Basic Service Fee"?

Most pictures require basic color, saturation, contrast, and lighting enhancement. Some require centering, resizing, and perspective adjustment. We also enhance sharpness and clarity when needed.

If these adjustments are not needed, we still have to cover the cost of customer service, advertising, web design and emailing the finished photos. This small basic charge helps to defray these costs. Editing projects exceeding $30 have the Basis Service Fee waived.

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