How It Works . . .
You email your hi-res JPG photo file to us with instructions as to what you would like to have done. Either click on the button below or cut & paste this address [] into your email program.
We send you an email with a price quote.
You reply to our email if you want us to proceed.
We email your retouched "PROOF" photo back to you to get your approval.
(Click here for an example).
You can either send us a personal check or simply click on the "PayPal" box (below) to provide a fast, safe and secure means of providing payment.
We email you the final photo.
It is that simple!!!
Depending on our schedule and your quick response, we could provide you same day turn around of your retouched photo!
PayPal is the fast, easy and secure way to pay. You can pay for our services with a credit card or checking account simply by clicking the "PayPal" button.
You will receive the following benefits with PayPal:
With PayPal, buying on the Internet is faster, easier and safer than ever before.
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NOTE: If you have regular photographs that you would like to have edited or restored, please send us an email to discuss how to send them to us by regular mail.
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